10:31 31 August 2010

Grieving a loss

Grieving can be very different for everyone.  It is as individual as you are, and you will grieve differently from your friends and even your close family members.  It is also not just common among adults, but very small children can grieve as well.  Grief is an emotional, physical and spiritual response to a death or a loss in your life.  Grief hurts, but is is a necessary response to loss, change or disappointment.  It is very natural and highly individual.  Each time you grieve for someone or some loss in your life, it may be different.  Your current grief will be influenced by your age, your religious beliefs, previous experiences and your relationship to the person or pet you have just lost.  The age and circumstances of the deceased will also influence how you grieve. 

When death or a loss turns your world upside down, grief is the process necessary to help you put it all back together again. There are many symptoms to grief, and you may experience them differently with each loss in your life.  Sometimes we don’t  grieve over a loss of another person as intensely as we grieve over the loss of a beloved pet.  Some people describe grief happening in stages, but it may also feel more like “waves” or cycles that come and go depending on what you are doing at this time of your life.

The grieving process takes time and the healing process happens slowly and gradually.  Allow yourself time to heal and don’t be critical of yourself.  Create a personal tribute or a Pet Memorial to your lost loved one.  Include in it your feelings, the things you did together and the time you shared with one another.

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