12:44 25 November 2009

What Size of Pet Casket Will I Need?

Loved and Cherished Casket

Choosing the proper Pet Casket is much like buying a pair of jeans,  it is a very personal decision that includes a lot of different factors.  Some of these are the size of the casket, where you plan to bury your pet, what budget do you have to spend on a casket, and what fits your pet’s personality best.

The first thing you will need to consider is the size.  To get the proper length, you will need to measure your pet from the tip of the tail to the middle of his/her head right above the eyes.  Many people prefer to tuck the tail down next to the pet, so you don’t need to measure from the tip of the tail.  Also, when placing your beloved pet in a casket, the nose is usually facing down, not out –  especially when lying on a pillow.   I recommend adding a few inches just to make sure your pet is not cramped and the casket ordered is not too small.   Never buy one just smaller than you need to save money, you will be disappointed with your order.   Pet caskets are expensive to ship back to the supplier to exchange for the one you  really need.  If you have an unusually long pet, some pet owners have tucked the head down a bit in front of the front legs, instead of laying  it out flat.  The legs can also be tucked up under your loved one so you can measure the width of the casket by the body plus the width of the legs under it.  

Make sure when ordering a pet casket you are reading the inside measurements, not just the outside.  Remember the lining  will take up additonal room.  Some pet owners like to order just a bit bigger than they need so they can add their pet’s toys, a leash, collar and other favorite mementos into the casket to bury with their furry family member.  Don’t wait until after your beloved pet has passed to order the casket.  Overnight express shipping charges are very expensive and can add to the the already stressful time of greiving.   Think and plan ahead so you are prepared and can spend the time with your family and not have to worry about burial details when others may need you the most.

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