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1:46 30 November 2009

Don’t Let Your Love Fade

Pet caskets

Your faithful furry friend may no longer walk this earth, but the memories of happy times you shared need not be buried with him. Infinite sadness will not cover the love you feel for your pet because sorrow will fade in time. Say your goodbyes by purchasing the best in pet memorials for the finest sendoff you can give you beloved pet.

It’s easy now to purchase a variety of quality pet caskets online that are suitable for burial or cremation. You also have choices of various urns to use after. Losing a pet is like losing a family member. Celebrate his life by holding a fitting memorial service to help ease the loss.

12:44 25 November 2009

What Size of Pet Casket Will I Need?

Loved and Cherished Casket

Choosing the proper Pet Casket is much like buying a pair of jeans,  it is a very personal decision that includes a lot of different factors.  Some of these are the size of the casket, where you plan to bury your pet, what budget do you have to spend on a casket, and what fits your pet’s personality best.

The first thing you will need to consider is the size.  To get the proper length, you will need to measure your pet from the tip of the tail to the middle of his/her head right above the eyes.  Many people prefer to tuck the tail down next to the pet, so you don’t need to measure from the tip of the tail.  Also, when placing your beloved pet in a casket, the nose is usually facing down, not out –  especially when lying on a pillow.   I recommend adding a few inches just to make sure your pet is not cramped and the casket ordered is not too small.   Never buy one just smaller than you need to save money, you will be disappointed with your order.   Pet caskets are expensive to ship back to the supplier to exchange for the one you  really need.  If you have an unusually long pet, some pet owners have tucked the head down a bit in front of the front legs, instead of laying  it out flat.  The legs can also be tucked up under your loved one so you can measure the width of the casket by the body plus the width of the legs under it.  

Make sure when ordering a pet casket you are reading the inside measurements, not just the outside.  Remember the lining  will take up additonal room.  Some pet owners like to order just a bit bigger than they need so they can add their pet’s toys, a leash, collar and other favorite mementos into the casket to bury with their furry family member.  Don’t wait until after your beloved pet has passed to order the casket.  Overnight express shipping charges are very expensive and can add to the the already stressful time of greiving.   Think and plan ahead so you are prepared and can spend the time with your family and not have to worry about burial details when others may need you the most.

2:56 24 November 2009

What is Pet Memorial Jewelry?

Heart n Paws keepsake urn

Pet Memorial Jewelry is a term new to some pet owners.   Many people have never considered that a paw- shaped necklace worn by a friend or an aquaintance may be a miniature urn that holds their beloved pet’s ashes.  It could be a locket that contains the photo of the family with the pet,  and inside the tiny locket are the cremains of their lost loved one.  Pet Memorial Jewelry is also commonly referred to as Pet Keepsake Jewelry, or Pet Keepsake Urns.   Like full-sized urns, they carry the ashes of the family pet, but a bit closer to the human heart.  Many Pet Lovers find comfort in having their Pet’s ashes with them at all time, in a necklace around their neck or in a keychain they can take with them.   Some Pet Keepsake Jewelry makers can even whip the pet’s ashes into a miniature glass urn while the glass is being made, so the ashes are actually a part of the Pet Memorial.   Pet Keepsake Jewelry only uses a very tiny amount of  the pet’s ashes, so the owners can also place most of the cremains in a full-sized urn on the mantle or next to their bed. 

When purchasing a Keepsake Urn for your beloved pet, you can find one that is self-loading (one you put the ashes in yourself at home) or others where you send off a small amount of your pet’s ashes in a sealed container (like a film container) and have the urn maker do it for you.  Pet Memorial Jewelry comes in may sizes and shapes so you can find the miniature urn that is right for you and one that fits your pet’s personality.

5:22 23 November 2009

What Size Pet Urn Should I Buy?

Pet Urns

Selecting the right Pet Urncan be challenging to the Pet Owner who has recently lost a beloved friend.  Many people wonder which size would be most suitable, especially if this is their first pet urn purchase.  There are so many pet urns on the market today, especially on the internet, and  it can be a bit overwhelming to choose the size you need.

The Rule Of Thumb in selecting the right size is one cubit inch per pound your pet weighed before cremation.   So if your dog or cat or family pet weighed/weighs approximately 50 lbs., you will need an urn that is at least 50 cubic inches.  Most pet urn websites will include instructions and in the description will state the size of each urn.  Read all the description carefully to make sure it is the material you want, and the correct size.    Some websites will have drop down arrows to click on to choose different sizes of urns.   Make sure you click on the right size when making your purchase so you are not disappointed when your pet urn is delivered.

One more option you may consider is buying a size a bit bigger than your pet will need so you can include some of your pet’s favorite toys, a name tag, collar or something else that was loved by him/her.    It will make the pet urn more personal and you can keep all your pet’s belongings together in one place.    It is also a good idea to purchase the pet urn before you need it so you don’t have to try to make important decisions when you are distraught and over-emotional when you are greiving after a loss.


dog headstones

It’s often said that dogs are “man’s best friend,” but it’s easy to take that fact for granted. A faithful dog is always there for his master at the end of a long, hard day at work. No matter the circumstances, the canine is happy to offer a friendly wag of the tail and a bark of acknowledgment. Dogs also function as social icebreakers and conversation pieces. How many single men have gone jogging in the park with their new puppy only to attract the attention of fellow dog lovers?

We only realize how much a loyal dog means to us when the pet’s life is cut short. Much like when a human member of the family passes away, a natural grieving process must follow. When my dog died unexpectedly, I was heartbroken for several weeks. It gave me great solace and closure to select from among customizable dog headstones, choosing a perfect place to bury my beloved pet.

10:01 19 November 2009

Which Pet Urn is Right for Me?

Pet UrnsWith so many Pet Urns on the market, many people ask themselves “How do I choose the Pet Urn that is right for me and my pet?”

First I would recommend looking for something specific.  Do you want a personalized Pet Urn with your pet’s name and dates on it?  Are you looking for one with a Photo of your lost loved on etched on it?  Do you want one you can slide of photo of your pet  into it?  Or do you prefer an Urn with a Memorial Poem etched on it?  Do you prefer Wood, Onyx, Ceramic, Marble or some other kind?  Do you like a specific shape or color?   What kind of budget do you have set aside for your Urn purchase?  Which Urn produces a positive emotional response from you?  Which Urn matches your pet”s personality best?  Where are you going to display it, inside or outside?  After you have considered these questions, you may be better prepared to make your purchase.  Finding a proper Urn in which to lay your pet’s ashes is a very important decision and should not be made during a stressful time, especially when you are grief-stricken right after a loss.  Consider purchasing your pet’s urn before you need it so you can make the best choice possible for your loved one.  This will also reduce the stress on you at time of need, since you won’t have to wait for it to be delivered.  Many Urn distributors can take up to a week or longer to get it to you, which can increase your anxiety.

12:26 18 November 2009

Choosing a Pet Casket

dreamstime_870654Choosing the right pet casket can be especially hard right after the loss of a beloved pet.  Every pet owner has a very personal way they would like to intern their 4-legged family member.   Some choose to bury their pet in the back yard.  Others who live  in a large city who do not have that option, may choose to bury them in a Pet Cemetery. 

Which ever situation fits you best, the best way to decide on which casket is right for you is to do your homework first.  It is also suggested to plan ahead, before the death of your pet and find the one you want.  Many people order their pet casket weeks before and store it in the basement or garage so it will be ready when their pet passes on.  This way you won’t need to pay expensive shipping to have the casket over-night expressed to your home or Vet.  You also will not have to make crucial decisions when you are grieving, it will already be done.

There are many different varieties of pet caskets.  There are very fancy ones with beautiful linings, and plain more economical ones for those on a budget.  There are even pet caskets made on the same assembly line as human caskets, just in a smaller version for our fur-covered friends.  Most pet caskets are sealed so there is no need for a vault, but if you are burying your pet in a pet cemetery, please check ahead on their casket regulations.  Some pet caskets come either gasketed (sealed with a rubber seal) or non-gasketed (not sealed for air flow).  Those who choose to intern their pet in a Pet Mausoleum may choose the non-gasketed casket. 

Each pet owner has specific ideas on what kind of casket  they would like when it comes time to bury their treasured friend.  Check out all the options long before you need one to make sure you get the one you want before you need to use it.


Smokey Proof

You can create a person tribute to your lost pet by having an pet headstone laser-etched in his/her honor.  At Treasured Friend Memorials, they use only the finest, highest quality absolute black granite on the market today.  This small grain, no white black granite is very rare and is found in only one quarry in the world.  It is the 3rd hardest rock you can find, only diamonds and rubies are harder.  It provides the highest quality etching surface to laser a tribute and photo of your pet.  This beautiful memorial will last for generations and bring endless memories of your loved one to all who see it. 

Each Pet Memorial is designed by the pet owner, using a favorite photo and personal, loving tribute only you can write.  Every headstone is first created as a proof.  The owner of Treasured Friend, Janean Blackburn,  personally makes each one.    She does not send them out to a third party.  She then sends you the proof to review so she can make sure you get exactly what you want before it is etched onto the granite.  Let her help you design and create a personal, loving memorial to celebrate the life of your pet.  She has a true passion for animals and loves what she does.  She can help you find closure in your loss, and help you find peace in creating a quality memorial for your pet.

11:19 5 November 2009

Breaking the News to a Child

Pet MemorialThe hardest part about the sudden death of our family dog, Juniper, was breaking the news to our 4-year-old son. Those two had been inseparable for the past few years, with Juniper always being kind and gentle to the boy, even when he played rough with the dog. I had always imagined the dog being there by his side even into high school, but it was not to be.

My husband and I determined that honesty was the best policy in this case. Rather than telling our son that Juniper had gone to a farm or to the moon, we told him the truth. We had a special  pet memorial made for our fireplace mantle,  and had each family member share their favorite memories with Juniper.  In the end, I think we made the right decision.  This personal tribute we made for him will bring back so many memories.  Even if we do get another dog, he will never truly take Juniper’s place.  This photo of Juniper has brought peace and comfort to our toddler even though Juniper is no longer with us.  It has made his death easier for all of us to accept.