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11:43 29 December 2009

Cats: Finicky but Rewarding


There is definitely a school of animal lovers that simply don’t like cats. This group of people is most often called, “dog people.” They find cats finicky, temperamental, and distant. But for people who are willing to put in the time and effort, cats can be a rewarding and loving companion. Just go in knowing that cats don’t always come when they’re called. They don’t do tricks. Sometimes, they want to be alone. Go in knowing this, and you’re a lot more likely to get along with your kitten.

And as all good “cat people” know, there is something particularly satisfying about the connection developed between owner and cat. But because they’re a bit more work, the relationship is all that much more rewarding in the end. For many people, cats quickly become like a member of the family. Whether they’re scratching their cat trees or resting on their favorite chairs, they’re like a staple around the house. And when they pass, many owners are compelled to acknowledge that passing in a respectful way. If you’ve recently experienced the loss of a cat, look into burying your pet in any number of cat caskets. It will be a fitting sendoff for your beloved pet.

11:51 22 December 2009

How to Grow During Grieving

Round Marble Mantle Memorial

Grieving after the loss of a beloved pet is natural and takes time.  You will feel at first like you have lost everything and life will never get back to “normal”.  But eventually the healing process will begin and you can feel like yourself again.
At first life will feel like you are only in the surviving stage.  Then you can move to the healing stage, and eventually to the growing stage.  Here are some tips on how to grow during the healing process so you can get back to life and living again.

1. Realize you are getting stronger now, you are learning how to survive what lessons you have learned from the pain.  You see that you are healing and are now ready to grow.
2. Forgive others, let the pain, anger and regret go.
3.  Forgive yourself.
4. Look at the positive side of things, you are a better person now.  Your are stronger.
5. Be ready for changes in your life.  Be open to new people, to new places, ideas and experiences.
6. Serve someone else.  Step outside of yourself and your sorrow and do something nice for someone.
7. Be creative.  Show appreciation and gratitude for your blessings.  Enjoy your freedom.  Experience growth.
8. As part of the creative stage, create a personal tribute to your lost pet and have a Personalize Pet Memorial made only you can create.
9. Take the time you need to heal completely.  Don’t rush it.  Find joy in small steps and in simple pleasures.

12:59 15 December 2009

How to Speed the Healing Process

Pawprints through my heart Urn

The Grieving process is a tough one for everyone who has just experienced a loss of a pet.  But there are steps you can take to speed the Heading Process:

1. Don’t make excuses for not being sad, take the time to mourn now.  Don’t hold back or pen up your emotions, let them out.
2. Be gentle with yourself, don’t expect to get over it too quickly.  You are human, it’s okay to take some time to grieve.
3. Go through old pictures of your pet, old mementos and things that were special to both of you.  It helps the healing process.
4. Remember that it is okay to cry.  Crying is a form of cleansing, and is it a marvelous release.
5. It is okay be angry.  You don’t have to always feel happy, especially after a loss.
6. Eat sensibly.  Eat more protein and less junk food.  Sugar-based foods can help you feel depressed.  
7. You are vulnerable to illness and injury while you are grieving so be sure to guard your physical well-being while your emotions are healing.
8. Pamper yourself.  Do something nice for yourself.  Buy something special for yourself that you have been wanting for awhile.
9. Heal at your own pace.  Thinking is sharper, judgement is more reliable and concentration improves if the grieving process is not rushed.
10. Put pictures of your beloved pet where you can see them, where they can bring back fond memories.  Pet Cremation Urns make beautiful mantle or bedside pieces.

1:47 14 December 2009

Memories Of Good Times Past

Pet headstones

Immortalize your pet with an icon that brings the memory of your times together. Personalized pet memorials are ideal tomb stones where you can customize the designs and layout. These pet headstones are also nice to add beauty to your garden. You can also arrange and request to mix the ashes of your pets within the tablet.

Having a personalized pet memorial is also a good way to show your kids the value of caring for pet animals. You can allow your kids to participate in the designs of the grave markers. When they grow up, they can remember the fun times they spent with their departed pets.

12:30 14 December 2009

Helpful Guidelines for Grieving

Koozie and flowersAfter a loss, everyone must complete the 5 steps of grieving in order to heal and get on with their lives.  Everyone will experience grief differently, some will heal faster than others.Here are some helpful hints on how to get through the steps of grieving and how to make the process less painful:

1. Reconize your loss – it is real, it has happened and you will get through it.
2.  Allow yourself to feel the pain, let it out.   Don’t deny it or try to cover it up.
3. Realize you are not alone.  You are surrounded by many people who care, even if you feel alone right now.
4. Remember you are a great person.  You are dealing with a lot right now.  Never let the feelings of self-doubt creep in and discourage you.
5. Remember that nature has a beginning, a middle and an end.  You must go on with your life.
6. Give yourself some time to heal.  The bigger the loss, the longer it will take you to heal and get through it.  Don’t be hard on yourself.  Take your time, deal with it one day at a time.
7. The healing process involves taking one or two steps forward and one step backwards.  This is normal.  You will progress and then regress.
8. Hope and look forward to positive things in your life.  Tomorrow is another better day.
9. Get a lot of rest.  Your mind and body need to repair.  Resting will give you the energy you need to be productive which will help heal  your emotions.
10. Make and keep a schedule.  Don’t let yourself become lethargic and become unorganized.
11. Seek support and comfort from your friend and even professional counselors.  You need to heal an emotional wound which can be much deeper than a physical one.”
12. Don’t be afraid to let your emotions out, to feel the pain.  Cry, let your anger out by physical activity or even hitting a pillow.
13. Surround yourself with  people and things that are alive.  Don’t isolate yourself even though you may feel like being alone. 
14.  Make sure you schedule activities for Sundays and Holiday.  Even if you don’t feel like participating, make sure you become involved.  Even if  this is the most difficult part of healing.
15. Re affirm positive thoughts and beliefs.  Life IS good, you are good, your friends and family love you.  Things WILL get better, you will heal.  Life will move on.  You CAN get through this!
16.  Create a personal tribute to your lost pet.  Write a personal farewell, a poem, or write about your fond memories together.  Have your tribute lasered on a Pet Memorial Headstone or on a Wooden Urn.

12:53 10 December 2009

How Do I Write a Tribute to My Pet?

Tribute Urn

Writing a personal, heart-felt tribute to your lost beloved pet can be a very hard thing to do, especially right after a loss.  While you are grieving, your mind may not be as clear as normal, and the words you want to express may not come as easily as you’d hoped.   Thankfully there are many Tributes to Pets already written on beautiful Pet Urns available for you to purchase.  You can choose from long poems, short poems, or just one-line tributes with a photograph of your pet lasered on the Urn or your favorite photo inserted into the Urn by you.

A favorite poem by many pet owners is the Rainbow Bridge Urn, also laser-etched onto Wooden Pet Urns.  You can also choose from the ever-popular “If Tears Could Build a Stairway” in full or part version, and also the “I Only Wanted You” poem also professionally etched onto a beautiful solid red oak and solid red alder urn – the very best woods for etching.

Many people choose to write their own tribute taken from a poem they have read, or they compose their own tribute made up of fond memories of times spent together with their pet.  Others prefer to keep their tributes to one line with the dates which can be put on a beautiful brass plate attached to a ceramic, marble or cobalt type pet urn.  There are many sample tributes available on my website, just click on the Sample Tribute link to view them all.

Every pet owner has their own personal way of bidding farewell to their fondest friend.  It is a very individual choice of how you want to pay tribute, long or short,  have a Urn lasered or even a Black Granite Headstone with a photograph etched on it.  Consider the personality of your pet and what would fit your lifestyle best.


dreamstime_3466421I think the hardest decision we have to make as pet owners is knowing when the time is right to say “Good-bye”.  At some point we need to let go and put our dear one to rest.   To put our fondest friend to sleep and end a life-time of companionship can be the hardest thing we may ever have to do in this life.  No one ever wants to lose a beloved pet, no one likes to even think about it.  But someday you may be faced with this decision and so it may be nice to get some helpful advice.

My Veterinarian once told me when my dog was diagnosed with cancer, that he would let me know when the time was right.  And she was right, he did.  Animals seem to have this “sense” of knowing when it is time to let go, when they can no longer be with us anymore.  We need to be observant and “listen” to their unspoken body language, for they often know best when the time is right.  As humans we can observe when their quality of life is gone, and their pain is too much to bear anymore.  We need to not be selfish and prolong their life just to spare ourselves the pain of losing them.  Pets don’t seem to have a fear of death, they seem to be at peace – something humans don’t always understand.  We can help by making their twilight years more comforable, and doing everything we can to make their life with us more productive and full.   Enjoy every minute with your pet from puppyhood to old age.  Pets are not our whole lives, but they make our lives whole.  Say “Good-bye” to your loved one by writing a specialPet Tribute from your heart, and have a Personalized Pet Memorial made is his/her honor.

10:02 8 December 2009

What is Grief?


Many people experience the emotion of Grief very differently.  Grief is a very normal emotional and physical response to sorrow usually caused by the loss of a loved one.  It can also be caused by a divorce, job loss, loss of health, and even moving away from family and friends. 

How does Grief feel?  You may feel angry, empty, and numb as if you are in shock.  You may also notice physical symptoms such as trembling, nausea, weakness in your muscles, and may have trouble breathing.  Some people also experience dry mouth and have trouble eating and sleeping.  You may also have strange dreams or nightmares, be abscent minded, and feel totally apathetic towards work and others.   You may feel angry and often have the feelings of guilt like “I wish I could have or should have done something different”.   All of these feelings are completely normal during grieving and will pass.  But how long does grief last?

Grief last as long as it takes you to accept and learn to live with your loss.  For some, grief may last months, for others it can last years.  Everyone is different and the length of time you spend grieving depends on your personality, your health, your culture and family background, and the relationship you had with the person or pet you have lost.  It can also depend on how prepared you were for the loss.  Before you can completely heal and complete the grieving process you need to be able to: 1. Accept your loss.  2. Work through the physical and emotional pain of grief, 3. Ajust to life without the person or pet, 4. Move on with your life.

You can do things while grieving to speed the healing process.  One thing positive you can do is create a personal tribute or Pet Memorial to celebrate the life of your pet.  Put it near your bed or on the family room fireplace mantle where you can see it often.   Write a personal poem to your lost loved one and include a special tribute that will bring back good memories every time you look at it.  Include a laser-etched picture or photograph to keep the memory of your favorite friend close to your heart.


sundancesimOne question I get quite frequently is “When should I get a new Pet?”  This is very personal and will vary with each situation.  Some people find comfort and solace in adopting a new 4-legged furbaby right away.  It can aid in the healing and grieving process of losing a loved one.  Redirecting your energy in the care of another animal who is dependent on you for their health and happiness, can often help lessen the pain  and help fill “hole” left in your heart. 

A new pet will never replace the one you just lost, it will only add to the love you already have in your heart.  Some people argue that getting another animal will diminish the memories and love you have for the one you lost, but the human heart is an amazing organ.  Not only is it the center of all emotion, but it has no limit on the amount of love we give away.   The only limits we have is our time and our means in giving love to others and especially animals.  Pets have a unconditional love towards us that human have not aquired yet.  They  don’t care what we look like in the morning, what kind of car we drive, or even what we wear or what our social status may be.  They only care that we love them and take care of their physical needs.   There are so many pets in the world waiting for a good home.  There are pet adoption agencies all over the world.  You can find one in you hometown or on the internet.  Give a homeless pet a second chance, and you will be surprised at the love they will give you in return.   You can pay tribute to your lost love by having a Personalized Pet Memorial made in his/her honor.  Every time you see it, you will remember all the good times you had together.

12:01 3 December 2009

Where Should I Bury My Pet?

dreamstime_2061512 As your pet approaches its twilight years, you begin to wonder where would be the best place to lay him/her to rest.  You want it to be some place of significance, some place special, somewhere you will see the gravesight  often to bring back the fond memories of all the good times you shared together.  You may want to mark this special grave with a Personalized Pet Memorial with a picture of your beloved pet and a special tribute that only you can write. 

Laser-etched Pet Headstones allow a photograph (not an artist’s rendition)  of your pet plus a personal tribute to be lasered on an absolute black granite stone that will last for generations, even outside in the elements.  Absolute black granite is the 3rd hardest rock in the world, only diamonds and rubies are harder.  With proper care, these beautiful headstones placed under your pet’s favorite tree in the backyard, or in its favorite spot, and can bring a lifetime of memories to you and your family. 

People who live in a large city and do not have a yard can have their lost loved one placed in a Pet Cemetery.  There are even Pet Cemeteries that are adjacent to human cemeteries so you and your pet can be buried close to each other.  There are even Pet Mausoleums available for above-ground burial, if this is what you choose.  You may also  have an absolute black granite headstone etched for Pet Cemetery burial, they come in 4 inch widths for Cemetery internment.  Please check with your local Pet Cemetery to see what guidelines and covenants they have for pet burial in your area.  You will also need to purchase a casket for cemetery burial, and you will need to find out if it needs a vault to go with it.  Most Pet Caskets are already sealed so you do not need a vault, but every Pet Cemetery is different so be sure to check before you purchase one.  There are many different kinds of Pet Caskets available, from the less expensive but practical, up to the Pet Caskets made on the same assembly lines as human ones that are very fancy.  You can even chose a Gasketed Casket (sealed) or a Non-Gasketed one (one that is not sealed)  The best advice is to do some research, get the facts, and then make an informed decision on where you’d like to lay your beloved friend to rest. Choose a spot that has a special significance for both you and your pet, it will help you feel like you have done the very best you could for them.