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12:20 26 February 2010

Why Does it Hurt So Much?

Durolon Casket

After losing a beloved pet, many people are shocked to discover how deeply grieved they are about the loss.  Many feel like there is something wrong with them because they didn’t feel as bad when a human loved one died.  This is a very common feeling, and yes, it is normal.  Statistics today show that more Americans have pets than children, and most pet owners regard their pets as a member of the family.  How we react to a death of any family member – human or animal – depends to a large extent on the relationship they have had with us on a day-t0-day basis.   Many have a very strong attachment to their pets and a significant relationship with theim.   Most people have a pet  because of the companionship a pets provide, hence the more common used term companion animal.

In today’s modern, mobile society, more people are childless, single, windowed, or divorced and with both parents working many children come home to an empty home after school.  More older folkes live alone and farther away from their extended families, and to those homebound a pet may be the only social contact they have.  A pet gives us constant presence, availability and devotion, and are our best source of unconditional love.  They are to many the ideal child, parent, mate or friend.  They listen without judgement or reproach, and never give advice.  They accept us exactly how we are, no matter how we look, feel or behave.  They always forgive readily and never hold a grudge.  No matter how much life changes in our unpredictable lives, our pets are always there for us. 

When looking to properly inter your lost loved one, a Dog Casket can help bring closure and comfort, knowing you have done the best for him/her when they pass on.

2:02 23 February 2010

Planning a Pet Funeral

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If you have decided you would like to have a Pet Funeral or Remembrance Ceremony, here are some things you wish to consider:
1. Take some time to plan what you’d like to do.  Involve all family members including the children.  Invite others who loved the pet to help you.
2. Decide if you want to hold a funeral, a memorial service,  a graveside service, or all of them.
3. Given your religious beliefs, ask yourself if you want to include religious aspects in the service.
4. Try to make the service very personal.  Ask family members and friends to reminisce and recall what was special about your pet.
5. Decide where to hold the service, whether graveside or other.  Consider the time, who will speak and who you will invite.
6. If you are burying your beloved pet in a pet cemetery or crematory, decide if you want a pet viewing beforehand, and if you can hold the service there.
7. Ask other pet lovers what they may have done to honor their pet’s memories and ways you may want to adapt their ideas into your own.
Remember that it is normal and healthy to use a pet funeral or memorial service to express your sorrow, proclaim your love and bid a final farewell to such a cherished friend.  Use  Personalized Pet Memorials to add a special touch to your funeral and to say good-bye to your lost loved one.

11:35 10 February 2010

A Pet Memorial Service

ChanelA Pet Memorial Service is a bit different from a Pet Funeral.  A Pet Funeral is usually held within a few days of the passing, and usually focuses on the death, mourning and loss of a beloved companion animal.  A Pet Memorial Service on the other hand can be held anytime after the loss of a pet, and its function is to remember and celebrate the life of the loved one.  Often the mood is more positive and uplifting, and brings back to participants the happy memories they enjoyed together with the pet.

A Pet Memorial Service can be small and private at the grave site, or may be held anywhere you wish.  It can be delayed as long as its planning requires.  However, keeping it close to the time when your loss is most deeply felt, will help you andyour family  express and work through their grief.  Having a laser-etched Pet Memorial Stone made with a special tribute from your family, will help make the service more personal.

11:21 10 February 2010

Should I have a Pet Funeral?

Loved and Cherished Casket

Choosing to have a Funeral for your Pet is a very personal decision that should include your family members and those who loved him/her.  A pet funeral can be as simple as a grave side service, or it could be an elaborate formal service.  Planning and participating in a  Pet Funeral can bring great satisfaction to those w ho mourn the loss of a cherished companion animal.  Such a service can help make the death more real to grievers, and can give the family members the opportunity to express their feelings about the lost pet.  It enables everyone to reflect on and acknowledge the important role the animal played in their lives.

A Pet Funeral is generally held within just a few days of death and may consist of a viewing, a formal service and a brief rite at the grave side.  It can include just family and friends who cherished the departed, or may include a religious officiator like a minister or Rabbi.  Some find comfort in a religious ritual, finding support and meaning in the words that had not they had not been able to express before.  The willingness to openly acknowledge and express a family’s greif, and turn to a religious traditon can help bring much needed closure.   As part of the Pet Funeral, the beloved pet is laid to rest in the family backyard or in a pet cemetery.  A lovely Pet Casket is a beautiful addition to any Pet Funeral and a wonderful way to intern your lost loved one.