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2:02 23 February 2010

Planning a Pet Funeral

Ivory Steel Casket

If you have decided you would like to have a Pet Funeral or Remembrance Ceremony, here are some things you wish to consider:
1. Take some time to plan what you’d like to do.  Involve all family members including the children.  Invite others who loved the pet to help you.
2. Decide if you want to hold a funeral, a memorial service,  a graveside service, or all of them.
3. Given your religious beliefs, ask yourself if you want to include religious aspects in the service.
4. Try to make the service very personal.  Ask family members and friends to reminisce and recall what was special about your pet.
5. Decide where to hold the service, whether graveside or other.  Consider the time, who will speak and who you will invite.
6. If you are burying your beloved pet in a pet cemetery or crematory, decide if you want a pet viewing beforehand, and if you can hold the service there.
7. Ask other pet lovers what they may have done to honor their pet’s memories and ways you may want to adapt their ideas into your own.
Remember that it is normal and healthy to use a pet funeral or memorial service to express your sorrow, proclaim your love and bid a final farewell to such a cherished friend.  Use  Personalized Pet Memorials to add a special touch to your funeral and to say good-bye to your lost loved one.