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10:47 13 May 2010

Dog Arthritis and Fish Oil

dreamstime_1324598 When our pets reach their twilight years of life, the best thing we can do as their owners is to keep them as healthy and comfortable as possible. 
Arthritis in dogs is very common and something you probably will have to deal with sometime in a the future as a pet owner.  Here is one great supplement suggestion, Fish Oil.  Fish oil is probably the single most effective nutritional supplement for dogs with Arthritis.  Fish oil is Fish Body Oil, Salmon Oil or EPA oil, not cod liver oil.  It provides omega-3 fatty acieds that help reduce inflammation.  They are beneficial no what what type of diet you feed your dog.  But, beware that omega-3 fatty acids break down quickly when exposed to light, heat or air so just feeding a food that has them added will probably not be beneficial.  The dosage recommended for is 1000 mg fish oil or 300 mg EPA/DHA per every 10 lbs of body weight per day.  Because fish oil depletes the body of Vitamin E, you should also give your dog vitamin E supplements.  The recommended dose of Vitamin E is 100 IUs to a small dog,  200 IUs to a medium dog, and a up to 400 IUs for a large dog.  You can to this daily, or once or twice a week.
Consult with your Veterinarian to determine the type of Arthritis you dog may have, and what he suggests for the best pain relief.  For more pet health care tips or to have a personalized pet tribute made, visit

9:27 12 May 2010

Types of Pet Arthritis


When someone says the word “Arthritis” we just assume it includes a blanket definition of a condition caused by age.  But actually there are at least 14 types of Arthritis known in pets:

1. Acute Traumatic Arthritis.  2. Auto Immune Arthritis.  3. Degenerative Joint Disease.  4. Hip Dysplasia, 5. Hypertrophic Arthritis. 6. Infectious Arthritis. 7. Inflammatory Arthritis. 8. Knee stifle.  9. Kneecap Dislocation.  10. Osteoarthritis.  11. Osteochondrosis.  12. Shoulder Degeneration.  13. Rheumatoid Arthritis.  14. Traumatic Arthritis.

Because there are so many kinds and causes, it is very important that you consult your Veterinarian and together discuss what kind of arthritis your pet may have, and the best treatment options available to you as a pet owner.  You can make a difference in the latter years of your pet’s life by helping him/her to be more comfortable and improve the quality of life you have left together.  Make a tribute to your beloved pet or create a personalized memorial in her/his honor.

9:05 12 May 2010

Pets and Arthritis


There are many types of pet arthritis (at least 14 identified types) – from arthritis caused by Trauma, to arthritis caused by Hip Dysplasia or even Degenerative Joint Disease, among many more.  Before starting any arthritis supplement for your aging pet, it is best to consult with your Veterinarian first to make sure you are getting the one that is right for your pet.  You goal is to lessen pain and give your elderly pet a better quality of life. 

There are many arthritis supplements on the market today, some even claim to even cure arthritis.  Supplements are a wonderful addition to helping a pet with arthritis, but they are not a cure all. The first step you must take is to get your pet in the best health possible so in conjuction with supplements you can increase mobility and lessen her/her pain.  You can help make a big difference in helping your pet be more comfortable and enjoy the years you have together.  The most common natural supplement recommended to pet owner for arthritis is Glucosamine and Chondroitin with MSM.  These supplements will decrease pain, improve additional joint tissue breakdown, and improve the health of some soft tissues.  For additional pet health care articles or to make a tribute to your beloved pet, please visit