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9:34 4 June 2010

Pets Can Add New Life

Many of you may have experience the new life a pet can bring into a home, especially to the Elderly.  Recently I visited my aging parents and I was pleasantly surprised at what I found and wanted to share it. 

My parents are in their mid 80’s and have not owned a pet for many years.  They claimed they were too busy traveling etc. to be tied down by pet ownership.  Then 2 weeks ago, they decided they would “just look” at some puppies.  My mother has been assisted by an electric wheelchair for years and does not get around well without it.  But, when they met the dog broker in a restaurant parking lot, she did not hesitate to walk all the way across the parking lot and back too see the litter of pups.  After scooping up the little runt of the litter, she dared anyone to “pry it out of her hands.”  So began her new way of life.

Mother wakes up eagerly every morning to be greeted by her new bundle of joy.  Miss Lady, the puppy also waits eagerly to hear her wheelchair coming down the hall and runs to greet her.  Mom gets out of her chair and fixes 3 puppy meals a day, takes her outside often, and even spoon feeds Lady in her lap.  After each meal she wipes her face and wiskers, and wraps her in a towel for a nap.  My parents have even fashioned a ramp for Lady so she can walk up it into their rocking chairs so they don’t have to bend down and pick her up.  I was especially amused at them both laughing at the new pup as she chewed on Mom’s nice pair of shoes.  Who would have thought?  This little blessing was just what the Dr. ordered.  At age 84 the mothering instinct has taken over and my once home-bound mother now looks to the care of this new family member as top priority in her life.  Lady has brought new life back into their home.  To share similar stories or to leave a Pet Tribute to a beloved pet, please visit our website.

9:07 4 June 2010

Pets and OTC Pain Killers

Have you ever wondered if you could give your dog or cat or even a horse a human over-the-counter pain killer?  Would it hurt?  It is so much more convenient than calling the Vet and having to go down there  and pick up some medicine.   There is A LOT of controversy on the subject.  Some say yes Aspirin and even Naproxen are okay, others say “NO” to everything – call a Vet.   After a lot of research, my personal recommendation is a definite NO, don’t do it.   Especially if you are a cat owner.  They seem especially sensitive to OTC pain killers.

It is true that some Vets recommend Aspirin for arthritis in dogs.  But even a baby aspirin can be fatal to a very small dog.  Aspirin prescribed by your Vet in the right dosage may be okay, but too much Aspirin can lead to Anemia and Bleeding Ulcers.   

Ibuprofen can cause extreme stomach and gastronal distress in dogs.  It can cause stomach Ulcers among many other problems.  A 200 mg tablet can be toxic to a small dog. 

NEVER  give a pet Acetominophen (Tylenol) it can be extremely toxic and 2 extra strength tablets can be deadly.  If you pet is in pain, don’t hesitate to call your Vet immediately.  He will be able to correctly diagnose the cause of the pain and the correct treatment for your kind and size of pet. 

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