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8:31 16 June 2010

Pets in Heaven?

Are there pets in heaven?  I bet this is one of the most commonly asked questions among pet owners, and those who believe we go to heaven after death.  I guess we really wouldn’t know for certain unless we had an out-of-body experience and went to heaven briefly and looked for ourselves.  But, if you asked any pet owner with a deep love and uncanny bond with an animal, the answer would be a definite “yes”.  How could you image heaven without your beloved furry companions there with you?

I’m sure there are as many opinions about what heaven is like as there are pet owners.  But there is one thing most have in common – they want to see their beloved animal again and be reunited with them in heaven.  If our pets bring us so much joy here an earth, and we build such deep relationships with them, then why would that change after death?  I love the saying: “Pet’s aren’t our whole lives, but they make our lives whole.”  I believe this is true beyond the grave as well.  They help to bring out the very best in our characters and are such a welcomed addition to our lives.   Like the Rainbow Bridge Poem so eloquently explains, we will be reunited again.