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9:01 18 June 2010

Pet Pain Meds – NEW?

Are Pet Pain Killers new?  I couldn’t believe what I found.  In the past 10 years Vets have made strides in progress and prevention and treatment of pain, but the field is relatively new.
Up until the 1970s  it was believed that infants, animals and the elderly did not experience pain because they could not report it!!  HELLO?  What were they thinking?  If we can feel pain, you can be assured they can too!  The AAHA (American Animal Hospital Association) has recently issued standards for pain medications to help guide veterinarians in coordinating pain care for thier patients.  As a result, more pets are receiving pain meds after surgery – up to 5 days for Spays and Neuters.  Lately, some are even prescribing neurological modifiers to change the way the body signals pain.  Pets with arthritis are also beginning to get the help they need to enhance their golden years.

Education has been the key to get Veterinarians and the public informed and to change their perception of their pets and pain.  Many people assume that old age is slowing down their pets, when in reality it is pain that is the cause.  Make sure you observe your pet carefully, and if everyday routine things aren’t so routine anymore, you may want to consult a professional about pain managment. 

When the pain becomes too severe to control, and you need to let your beloved companion animal “go home”, a personalized Pet Urn is a dignified way to say “Good-bye”.