9:27 12 May 2010

Types of Pet Arthritis


When someone says the word “Arthritis” we just assume it includes a blanket definition of a condition caused by age.  But actually there are at least 14 types of Arthritis known in pets:

1. Acute Traumatic Arthritis.  2. Auto Immune Arthritis.  3. Degenerative Joint Disease.  4. Hip Dysplasia, 5. Hypertrophic Arthritis. 6. Infectious Arthritis. 7. Inflammatory Arthritis. 8. Knee stifle.  9. Kneecap Dislocation.  10. Osteoarthritis.  11. Osteochondrosis.  12. Shoulder Degeneration.  13. Rheumatoid Arthritis.  14. Traumatic Arthritis.

Because there are so many kinds and causes, it is very important that you consult your Veterinarian and together discuss what kind of arthritis your pet may have, and the best treatment options available to you as a pet owner.  You can make a difference in the latter years of your pet’s life by helping him/her to be more comfortable and improve the quality of life you have left together.  Make a tribute to your beloved pet or create a personalized memorial in her/his honor.

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