7:47 10 June 2010

Human Vs Pet Supplements

Many people ask if they can give their pets Human arthritis supplements.  Is there a difference?  It would be so much easier to give “Fido” what I have already in my medicine cabinet.  The answer is “NO”.

It is true that pharmaceutical grade glucosaimne and chondroitin that are used for humans are found in some arthritis supplements for dogs.  But, joint supplements for dogs also contain ascorbic acid to help in the uptake of the ingredients by the animal’s body.  In additon, canine joint products are dosed in the correct size for dogs and are often flavored to make them more palatable to pets.  Pet supplements are also available in granules that can be easily mixed with food.

Glucosamine and chondroitin products are often used in cats and horses and appear to work very well in support of joint health.  Make sure you check with a trained professional before starting any pet arthritis supplement. 

Remember too that exercise is the BEST arthritis treatment you can give your beloved pet.  Make it fun by putting a comical, personalized Pet Bandana on while you go out for your daily venture.  Make the best of life in your pet’s golden years!

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    Great read, thanks.


  2. Hydrolyzed whey protein is more easily digested.

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