10:39 18 November 2009

Create a Personal, One-0f-a-Kind Pet Headstone

Smokey Proof

You can create a person tribute to your lost pet by having an pet headstone laser-etched in his/her honor.  At Treasured Friend Memorials, they use only the finest, highest quality absolute black granite on the market today.  This small grain, no white black granite is very rare and is found in only one quarry in the world.  It is the 3rd hardest rock you can find, only diamonds and rubies are harder.  It provides the highest quality etching surface to laser a tribute and photo of your pet.  This beautiful memorial will last for generations and bring endless memories of your loved one to all who see it. 

Each Pet Memorial is designed by the pet owner, using a favorite photo and personal, loving tribute only you can write.  Every headstone is first created as a proof.  The owner of Treasured Friend, Janean Blackburn,  personally makes each one.    She does not send them out to a third party.  She then sends you the proof to review so she can make sure you get exactly what you want before it is etched onto the granite.  Let her help you design and create a personal, loving memorial to celebrate the life of your pet.  She has a true passion for animals and loves what she does.  She can help you find closure in your loss, and help you find peace in creating a quality memorial for your pet.

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    Your work has always been a great source of inspiration for me. I refer you blog to many of my friends as well.

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    Awesome stuff. You made a really nice compilation. Thanks!

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