7:06 10 June 2010

Pets and Acupuncture

Many people have reported great success using acupuncture as an alternative therapy or treatment for arthritis in their pets.  However, in smaller communities  it may not be very cost effective – over $100 a visit.  In larger cities, you may be able to find it at a more reasonable rate.  You may also consider gold bead implants which are a form of permanent acupuncture.   These treatments of course are just suggestions and are to be used for an arthritic pet when other treatment have not worked.  Other natural therapies you could try would be Pet Chiropractors or Iridologists.  There are natural, homeopathic options available to pet owners who are seeking althernative arthritis therapies. 

Arthritis in dog’s is the most common health problem diagnosed by veterinarians today.  As a pet owner, you need to be looking for the warning signs of pain and soreness long before arthritis has made significant changes in your pet’s joints.  It can affect even young pets, earlier than you might think.  My brother’s medium-sized dog was diagnosed as young as 4 yrs old.  He has successfully managed it and given his dog a very quality life-style for many years.  For those who have pet’s in their twilight years, enjoy every second you have together.  Memorialize your loved one with a beautiful Absolute Black Granite laser-etched headstone with a personal tribute and photo.  It will provide memories of your furry family member for generations.

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