8:53 17 June 2010

Is Your Pet in Pain?

Is you pet in pain?  How can you tell?  Well since our furry friends can’t verbalize how they feel, just remember one tip “Actions speak louder than words”.  You must be observant and note subtle changes in your pet’s behavior that may signify pain.  Some of these may be changes in attitude, activity levels, or ability and  interest in regular activities.  If your pet has lost interest in physical activities like taking walks or climbing stairs, you can be pretty certain he/she is in pain.  Also try to keep in mind that a trip to the Vet may not be the best indicator – pet’s will often mask pain in the doctor’s office so observing them at home in a familiar environment is always the best source of information.  Some changes may include:  1. Straining to get up in the morning and after naps.  2. Limping during walks or around the house.   3. Your pet no longer jumps up on the bed or onto his/her favorite chair or sunny window seat.  You and your familly are the only people who have access to these valuable signs.  Take careful notes of  any behavioral changes then be sure to share this information with your Vet – it can help improve your pet’s quality of life.   When it comes time for your pet to pass on, Pet Urns are a compassionate way to properly memorialize your lost loved one.

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