10:01 19 November 2009

Which Pet Urn is Right for Me?

Pet UrnsWith so many Pet Urns on the market, many people ask themselves “How do I choose the Pet Urn that is right for me and my pet?”

First I would recommend looking for something specific.  Do you want a personalized Pet Urn with your pet’s name and dates on it?  Are you looking for one with a Photo of your lost loved on etched on it?  Do you want one you can slide of photo of your pet  into it?  Or do you prefer an Urn with a Memorial Poem etched on it?  Do you prefer Wood, Onyx, Ceramic, Marble or some other kind?  Do you like a specific shape or color?   What kind of budget do you have set aside for your Urn purchase?  Which Urn produces a positive emotional response from you?  Which Urn matches your pet”s personality best?  Where are you going to display it, inside or outside?  After you have considered these questions, you may be better prepared to make your purchase.  Finding a proper Urn in which to lay your pet’s ashes is a very important decision and should not be made during a stressful time, especially when you are grief-stricken right after a loss.  Consider purchasing your pet’s urn before you need it so you can make the best choice possible for your loved one.  This will also reduce the stress on you at time of need, since you won’t have to wait for it to be delivered.  Many Urn distributors can take up to a week or longer to get it to you, which can increase your anxiety.

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