5:22 23 November 2009

What Size Pet Urn Should I Buy?

Pet Urns

Selecting the right Pet Urncan be challenging to the Pet Owner who has recently lost a beloved friend.  Many people wonder which size would be most suitable, especially if this is their first pet urn purchase.  There are so many pet urns on the market today, especially on the internet, and  it can be a bit overwhelming to choose the size you need.

The Rule Of Thumb in selecting the right size is one cubit inch per pound your pet weighed before cremation.   So if your dog or cat or family pet weighed/weighs approximately 50 lbs., you will need an urn that is at least 50 cubic inches.  Most pet urn websites will include instructions and in the description will state the size of each urn.  Read all the description carefully to make sure it is the material you want, and the correct size.    Some websites will have drop down arrows to click on to choose different sizes of urns.   Make sure you click on the right size when making your purchase so you are not disappointed when your pet urn is delivered.

One more option you may consider is buying a size a bit bigger than your pet will need so you can include some of your pet’s favorite toys, a name tag, collar or something else that was loved by him/her.    It will make the pet urn more personal and you can keep all your pet’s belongings together in one place.    It is also a good idea to purchase the pet urn before you need it so you don’t have to try to make important decisions when you are distraught and over-emotional when you are greiving after a loss.

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