2:56 24 November 2009

What is Pet Memorial Jewelry?

Heart n Paws keepsake urn

Pet Memorial Jewelry is a term new to some pet owners.   Many people have never considered that a paw- shaped necklace worn by a friend or an aquaintance may be a miniature urn that holds their beloved pet’s ashes.  It could be a locket that contains the photo of the family with the pet,  and inside the tiny locket are the cremains of their lost loved one.  Pet Memorial Jewelry is also commonly referred to as Pet Keepsake Jewelry, or Pet Keepsake Urns.   Like full-sized urns, they carry the ashes of the family pet, but a bit closer to the human heart.  Many Pet Lovers find comfort in having their Pet’s ashes with them at all time, in a necklace around their neck or in a keychain they can take with them.   Some Pet Keepsake Jewelry makers can even whip the pet’s ashes into a miniature glass urn while the glass is being made, so the ashes are actually a part of the Pet Memorial.   Pet Keepsake Jewelry only uses a very tiny amount of  the pet’s ashes, so the owners can also place most of the cremains in a full-sized urn on the mantle or next to their bed. 

When purchasing a Keepsake Urn for your beloved pet, you can find one that is self-loading (one you put the ashes in yourself at home) or others where you send off a small amount of your pet’s ashes in a sealed container (like a film container) and have the urn maker do it for you.  Pet Memorial Jewelry comes in may sizes and shapes so you can find the miniature urn that is right for you and one that fits your pet’s personality.

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