10:48 21 September 2010

Dog Nail Clipping

Clipping your dog’s nail is usually an unpleasant job and sends chills up your spine just think about it.  Dog’s don’t seem to like or appreciate our efforts to keep them healthy and comfortable by regularly clipping their toe nails.  But nail clipping is essential and needs to be done at least every 3-4 weeks.  Waiting too long and letting your dog’s nail get over grown can result in ingrown nails.  Also, elongated nails can affect the comfort and health of your pet.  Just to walk can be a painful experience for them.

Many professional groomers will do this for you as part of the basic grooming fee.  But what if you don’t take your dog to a groomer?  Then you need to have someone show you how to do it yourself.  Learning how to hold and handle your pet, and how to properly use the correct tools, makes nail clipping so much more bearable for us and our furry friends.  Remember that is is better to cut a small amount regularly than a large amount at once.   Contact a professional groomer, a dog breeder, a dog trainer, or your Veterinarian and get the proper instructions before you take on this job yourself.  You dog will thank you for it!!

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