11:17 21 September 2010

Dew Claws

Dew claws are located about 1-3 inches about your dog’s front feet and sometime on the back ones as well.  Dog’s may have a 5th toe nail, also known as Dew Claws.  Many breeders have the dew claws surgically removed  puppies are small.  Other may not.  It is not uncommon for dogs to have dew claws on some feet and not on others.

Since dew claws are never exposed to friction by touching the ground due to their high location, they are often longer and frequently overgrown.  In fact, you may have seen neglected dew claws that have grown into a full circle or are painfully ingrown requiring Veterinarian care. 

If your dog’s dew claws were not removed as a puppy, you need to give them diligent attention and care.  Don’t let neglect cause pain or discomfort to you beloved canine companion.

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