2:42 24 September 2010

Nail Trimming is a Challenge

Worrying about how and where to cut your pet’s nails makes many people nervous, and in turn your pet will be nervous too.  Animals can tell when you are uneasy, and it will make Fifi more inclined to be jittery and more likely to struggle.

Until you feel confident in cutting your pet’s nails, just cut the very tip.   Your practice will make you better and by cutting them weekly, you will be able to keep those nails at a reasonable length.  As you become more comfortable and more skillful, your pet will be more cooperative.  As you get better at nail trimming, you can then safely estimate how much you can cut off without “quicking” your pet and decrease your sessions to twice a month.

Pet Memorial Stones are a nice way to pay tribute to your lost companion animal and bring back a lifetime of memories.

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