11:20 19 November 2009

Don’t Take Man’s Best Friend for Granted

dog headstones

It’s often said that dogs are “man’s best friend,” but it’s easy to take that fact for granted. A faithful dog is always there for his master at the end of a long, hard day at work. No matter the circumstances, the canine is happy to offer a friendly wag of the tail and a bark of acknowledgment. Dogs also function as social icebreakers and conversation pieces. How many single men have gone jogging in the park with their new puppy only to attract the attention of fellow dog lovers?

We only realize how much a loyal dog means to us when the pet’s life is cut short. Much like when a human member of the family passes away, a natural grieving process must follow. When my dog died unexpectedly, I was heartbroken for several weeks. It gave me great solace and closure to select from among customizable dog headstones, choosing a perfect place to bury my beloved pet.

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