12:26 18 November 2009

Choosing a Pet Casket

dreamstime_870654Choosing the right pet casket can be especially hard right after the loss of a beloved pet.  Every pet owner has a very personal way they would like to intern their 4-legged family member.   Some choose to bury their pet in the back yard.  Others who live  in a large city who do not have that option, may choose to bury them in a Pet Cemetery. 

Which ever situation fits you best, the best way to decide on which casket is right for you is to do your homework first.  It is also suggested to plan ahead, before the death of your pet and find the one you want.  Many people order their pet casket weeks before and store it in the basement or garage so it will be ready when their pet passes on.  This way you won’t need to pay expensive shipping to have the casket over-night expressed to your home or Vet.  You also will not have to make crucial decisions when you are grieving, it will already be done.

There are many different varieties of pet caskets.  There are very fancy ones with beautiful linings, and plain more economical ones for those on a budget.  There are even pet caskets made on the same assembly line as human caskets, just in a smaller version for our fur-covered friends.  Most pet caskets are sealed so there is no need for a vault, but if you are burying your pet in a pet cemetery, please check ahead on their casket regulations.  Some pet caskets come either gasketed (sealed with a rubber seal) or non-gasketed (not sealed for air flow).  Those who choose to intern their pet in a Pet Mausoleum may choose the non-gasketed casket. 

Each pet owner has specific ideas on what kind of casket  they would like when it comes time to bury their treasured friend.  Check out all the options long before you need one to make sure you get the one you want before you need to use it.

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