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1:57 12 March 2012

Pet Cancer Link

While doing some research on Pet Cancer,  I found this story very informative and fun to watch.  It was on MSNBC.  Click on this link to watch.  Pet Cancer story.

A very popular way to pay tribute to a beloved pet is the Rainbow Bridge Pet Urn.  The very touching poem is engraved on the front.  Be sure to check out all the wonderful different Wooden Pet Urns there are available from the same U.S. craftsman.

11:19 16 September 2010

Pets and Anesthesia

Whenever your pet may need anesthesia, very special considerations are taken to ensure the safety of your companion animal.  Your Veterinarian will thoroughly examine your pet first to make sure he/she is healthy enough to undergo anethesia – even if it’s just for a dental cleaning.  Depending on your pet’s general health and age, your Vet may also run other tests like blood, urnine, electrocardiograph, and x-rays.  He will check for any dangerous heart, kidney or any other health conditions that may exist. 

During the anesthesia, your Vet will monitor and record your pet’s vital signs – such as body temperature, heart rate, and respiration – as well as other factors to ensure the safety of your pet while under anesthesia.

Though there is some risk associated with any medical procedure, modern anethesia is safe, even for older pets.  If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to consult with your Vet and get y0ur questions answered.

Be sure to check with your local Pet Cemetery about their guidelines before shopping for Pet Cemetery Stones.  Each Pet Cemetery has different restrictions, rules and covenants about the size they will allow you to use.

4:45 7 September 2010

Is MY Pet Overweight?

Your pet’s breed type and body structure should be taken into consideration when determining whether or not your pet is overweight.  Ideally, the best way to tell is by examining your pet both visually and by touch.   Judging whether or not a dog is overweight is far easier than judging a cat.  Cat’s can be heavily coated or have excess skin which can make them appear to be obese when actually they are not.  So feeling your feline furry friend is a better indicator.  In general, cats should look  and feel sleek without a huge belly or pads of fat on their hips.

Your canine friend on the other hand can be examined both ways.  Look at your dog from the side as he stands.  You should be able to see good definition between the rib cage and the abdomen.  If you cannot tell where the ribs end and the abdomen begins, your dog is most likely overweight. When examining your dog by touch, you can tell a lot by feeling his rib cage.  A weight healthy dog has a thin layer of fat over the ribs.  If you can actually put your fingers between each rib, your dog is too thin.  If you cannot feel his ribs, your dog is too fat.  The more overweight the dog is, the heavier the layer of fat will feel.  Fat can also be present along his back, over the hips and over the abdomen.

Pets kept at a proper weight will live longer and more comfortable lives.  It is up to us as pet owners to make sure we control their calorie intake and increase their exercise. Dog caskets come in a large variety of styles and sizes to accomodate the smallest of toy sizes up to the largest of breeds.   Measure from the top of the head to the top of the tail for length. Then from the top of the shoulder to the bottom of curled legs when your pet is lying down for proper width.

6:30 1 September 2010

More Symptoms of Grieving

There are many symptoms of grieving – the ways people grieve are almost as numerous and unique as the individuals who grieve.  Grieving can be caused by many different causes – from losing a loved one to losing a job, to moving, or from a financial devistation – and more. 

One common reaction to a loss is a preoccupation with the person or animal you have lost.  You think about him/her constantly and may re-create the circumstances of your loss over and over in your mind.  You may also experience vivid dreams or nightmares about your loved one, and you may also even think you see or hear them.

Grief can also take a physical toll on your body.  It is not unusual for the bereaved to lose weight, have difficulty sleeping, become irritable and listless or even feel short of breath.  Some people find that they have trouble concentrating, studying, sleeping, eating, and may have waves of nausea when they are coping with a loss.  Some lose interest in activities that they once enjoyed.  Some people try to lose themselves in playing computer games or eat or drink to an excess.  And, some people just feel numb like nothing ever happened.

All of these are very normal ways to react to a death or a loss in your life.  Give yourself time to heal and realize the healing process will happen gradually.  Pet Memorials are a way of remembering your lost loved one and can remind you of all the happy times you enjoyed together.

10:01 24 August 2010

When does “Senior” Start?

So when should you consider your pet a “Senior”?  There are endless varieties of senior foods, supplements, beds, etc.  So when does your pet qualify for this new title in life?
Usually smaller breeds of animals live longer than larger ones, and cats usually live longer than dogs.  The life span of your beloved companion animal will vary with each individual, so your veterinarian will be the best source of advice.  He/she will be able to determine what stage of life your furry friend is currently in and can help you and your pet transition into each one according to size, breed and age. 

Keep in mind that some breeds of dogs are considered “Senior” between ages 10-13, but giant breeds can reach that as early as 5.  Recognizing the “golden years” as a pet owner is very important.  We need to be cognisant of our friends starting to slow down a bit, and watch for the signs of arthritis and other age-related disorders.  Scheduling regular vet exams is one of the most important things we can do to keep our pets in top condition.  Especially as our pets age, these exams become even more important than ever.  The AAHA recommends that healthy senior dogs and cats  have a check up every 6 months – which is equivalent to every 5-7 human years.  Client education and complete laboratory testing to make sure all of your pet’s body systems are functioning properly are the key to Senior health exams.

Pet Memorial Stones are a way you can pay tribute to your loved one.  You can have them laser etched with a photo, dates and personal tribute and they last for generations.

9:29 17 August 2010

Ending the Suffering

Some time in your life, you may be asked to help your pet make a transition from life to death with the help of your veterinarian.  The choice of euthanasia for your loved one will usually be made after a diagnosis of a terminal illness, a critical injury,  or an age related cause.  It usually is based on the determination that your pet is suffering and it is time to let him/her go.  Euthanasia will probably be one of the most difficult decisions you will ever make, but may also very necessary and should be made in your  pet’s best interest.  Whatever the case, your decision to put your loved one out of his/her misery should be an informed one and should be out of the love for your animal.  Sometimes we feel selfish and do not want to let our pet die, because we don’t want to be left alone.  Here  are some guidelines to consider to help you make the best decision: 1. Your pet’s activity level.  Does your pet still enjoy previously loved activities and is he/she still able to be active at all?  2. Response to care and affection.  Does you pet still respond and interact with you in the usual ways?  3. Amount of pain and suffering.  Does your pet’s pain and suffing outweigh the pleasure and enjoyment of life?  4. Terminal illness or critical injury.  Has illness or injury prohibited your pet from enjoying life?  Is your loved one facing certain death?

Euthanasia is a very personal decision and should be made with the support of your family and veterinarian.  You should consider the quality of life that is available for your pet.  Make sure you create a process that is as peaceful as possible for you and your loved one.  When considering how you will intern your loved one, you will find many
Pet Caskets on the market.  Choose one that is the appropriate size by measuring your pet from the head(near the eyes) to the top of the tail, and the width of your pet while lying down with his/her legs curled up.

8:46 13 August 2010

Grieving and Depression

It is very natural to feel depressed and in pain after losing a beloved pet.  Feelings of sadness after such a death are much like a wounded animal’s instinct to withdraw, find a safe spot and lick their wounds.  Such emotions can be an indicator that your usual notions of faith and reality have been shattered.  This can lead to deep questions about the meaning of different aspects of your life, and also of impending death.  These feelings of sadness can also be an indicator that you need to slow down, take some “me” time and allow yourself to heal.  You need to put yourself in touch with your feelings, and find a way when it is time, to move on with life.

While feelings of sadness after death of a loved one, whether 2-legged or 4-legged, are very real and normal, actual clinical depression is not.  If your feelings of depression and helplessness continue for a long periond of time and you are not able to return to normal activities, you need to seek help.   You should consider visiting with a trained therapist, or with your clergy person.   There is nothing wrong with seeking and accepting help to overcome such grief.  It is very common and can help y0u to heal faster.

When looking for a Pet Casket to properly intern your furry loved one, find one that fits the personality and size of your lost pet.

9:29 30 July 2010

Caring for Your Pet Headstone

Many clients ask me how long a granite headstone will last outside in the elements.  Granite is made to be used outside and will withstand the weather for generations if you properly care for it.  Even the Absolute Black Granite pet headstones that are laser-etched with a photo and tribute will last that long.  Absolute Black Granite is the third hardest stone in the world, only diamonds and rubies are harder.  They are also sealed after they are lasered so the etching and the photo will last for generations if you don’t use any harsh chemicals on it.  Just like a human headstone, gently wash it with a mild soap and water, and the etching will  last, even outside.

If your Pet Headstone is in your backyard, make sure it is placed where it will be safe from people walking on it or things falling on it to chip or break the stone.   The very best Absolute Black Granite that is the highest quality you can find on the market, has no white and very little grain.  It is found in only one quarry in the world and is recommended for laser-etching.

4:48 29 July 2010

Choosing a Proper Pet Memorial

Have you recently lost a 4-legged loved one?  Or do you have a special furry family member who is aging?  You would like  to get something special to help pay tribute to your beloved pet, but don’t know exactly what?

What you choose may depend upon your circumstances.  Do you live in a big city in a high-rise apartment?  Or do you have a backyard where you can intern your treasured friend?  Maybe your city has a pet cemetery?  First you need to decide whether you would like to bury your pet, or have him/her cremated.  If you would like to bury your special friend at home or in a nearby cemetery, you will probably like to put him/her in a pet casket.  To mark your graveside you can choose a Pet Memorial  Stone  made of absolute black granite that can be laser etched with a photo, or you can choose something simple like a flagstone with just the name and a short tribute.  You can even put your pet’s name on a river rock to add to your garden.

If you choose to have your pet cremated, you will need a nice Pet Cremationa Urn.  You can have one made of wood with the name, dates and a short tribute etched on it.  Or choose from many Pet Poem Urns that were written just for our faithful friends.  What ever you choose, make it personal.  Write a tribute from the heart that describes your pet’s personality and choose something that fits his/her personality.  There are even Pet Memorial Specialists who can talk to you over the phone and help you with your decisions.  It’s worth the call.

12:31 27 July 2010

Pet Pain and Massage

There is an art to pet massage.  Many people swear by it and there are even classes you can take to learn how if you are interested.  I know locally in our small town there is even a Equine Massage Therapist who also teaches classes on how to massage horses.  But there is also a simple way you can massage your pet at home, just for relaxing and bonding between you and your pet.  It is nothing more that organized petting, but can help soothe your pet and help you to observe any unusual lumps, bumps, scrapes and bruises on his/her body.  Just make sure you are gentle and that you do not apply pressure over the spinal area.  Start at one end of your pet and gently, softly massage the muscles and joints while you talk to your pet in a very soothing voice.  You may also trying singing to your pet in a soft tone, to help them relax and understand that this massage time is a good time together.  Help your pet lay quietly and enjoy this bonding time, don’t scold or raise your voice if he/she doesn’t understand what you expect of him/her at first.  Gradually make this a routine thing you may do once a week or even once a day.  Animals are creatures of habit and can better indentify with a task if is repeated at the same time of day.  They tend to have internal clocks and may respond to something better if it is done at the same time – say in the evening before bed.  Help make this a postive experience by rewarding your pet at first with a treat, so they will identify the massage with something good.  As you both get better at it – you massaging, your pet holding still for it, you can make it a fun time to enjoy together.  If your pet shows any sign of discomfort, discontinue the massage immediately and seek the advice of your Veterinarian.  

Pet Burial Stones last for generations and will bring you and your loved ones a lifetime of fond memories.