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1:57 12 March 2012

Pet Cancer Link

While doing some research on Pet Cancer,  I found this story very informative and fun to watch.  It was on MSNBC.  Click on this link to watch.  Pet Cancer story.

A very popular way to pay tribute to a beloved pet is the Rainbow Bridge Pet Urn.  The very touching poem is engraved on the front.  Be sure to check out all the wonderful different Wooden Pet Urns there are available from the same U.S. craftsman.

5:19 8 March 2012

Detecting Pet Cancer

  Last night I spoke with yet another client who has recently lost her pet to cancer.  She had a lovely Golden Retriever who had a tumor on her heart.  Her dog had no symptoms whatsoever until she just collapsed.  She was only 7 years old.  In her honor she is having a Pet Headstone made to place above her grave in their backyard.
In doing some research about Pet Cancer, I learned that some 6 million dogs and 6 million cats a year are diagnosed with Cancer.  As humans we need to be ever vigilant and watch for signs so our pets can receive professional care and treatment.  There are now Pet Oncologists who specialize in pet cancer treatments, and pets can now receive Chemotherapy and Radiation.  Pets who once have had Cancer can be Cancer-free and go on  to live long, fulfilling lives due to new medical procedures that have become available in the past few years.  So what should we watch for in our pets to catch the symptoms early?  Here is a list of things that could be caused by Cancer and should be checked out immediately:

1.  Unexplained weight loss; 2. Loss of Appetite; 3. Abnormal swelling; 4. Bleeding; 5. Offensive odor; 6. Difficulty swallowing; 7. Lameness or stiffness; 8. Difficulty breathing; 9. Difficulty urinating or pooping; 10. Sores that don’t heal; 11. Hesitating to exercise; 12. Loss of stamina.  These symptoms can be cause by other illnesses as well, but should be checked by a Vet as soon as possible.  We need to prevent pain and suffering in our beloved furry friends by getting them professional attention just as soon as any of these symptoms appear.

12:20 7 March 2012

Cancer in Our Pets

  I opened my Pet Memorial Business 7 years ago because I understand what it is like to lose a beloved pet.  I have just lost another fur child, my 3rd dog to cancer.  These dogs were not related, they were all from different States, and all had different kinds of Cancer.  2 clients of mine also lost pets to Cancer the same week, one who bought a Pet Casket for her cat, and one who ordered a Pet Headstone for her dog.

I asked my Vet when my dog was diagnosed, why there are so many pets dying of Cancer.  She told me she sees a lot of Cancer in older pets now, it is getting all too common.  Her explanation was that the Vets have a much better way of diagnosing pets now.  She believes Cancer has always been present, but years ago no one knew why pet’s got sick and died.  Now they have pathologists that can test biopsies, there is better up-dated equipment, and people are seeking Veterinarian advice more often.

Losing a pet to Cancer is a heart breaking ordeal, and I think there is something more to Pet Cancer than just better diagnostics.  I’m not certain if it’s something in our environment – pollutants etc., if it is in the food we feed our pets – fertilizers and sprays etc. or maybe in the hormones in the meat that goes into their food.  One breeder friend of mine believes it may be linked to insecticides we have sprayed on our yards.

Whatever the cause of the numerous cases of Cancer in human and our beloved Pets, I hope someday a cause can be pinpointed and a cure found.

9:00 14 October 2011

Creating A Pet Headstone

A Pet Headstone is the most popular pet memorial I sell.  It is simple, but beautiful and it will last for generations.  You can choose a laser etched black granite one like pictured, a river rock headstone, a gray granite headstone, or a lilac headstone.

  Many people like to make a personalized headstone with a tribute to their lost friend.  The Headstone in the picture was designed personally by Smokey’s owner from a boat in the Carribean and sent to me to have lasered.  If you have the program Photoshop or another similar program, you too are welcome to design your own Pet Memorial and send it to me to have it lasered.

If you prefer to have me do one for you,  I will design and create a proof for you in 1-2 business days and then send it to you for your approval.  I will not send it off to be professionally lasered until the photo, tribute and dates are exactly what you want.

I also have sample tributes for you to use, or you can create one of your own.   To view my sample tributes go to

2:42 24 September 2010

Nail Trimming is a Challenge

Worrying about how and where to cut your pet’s nails makes many people nervous, and in turn your pet will be nervous too.  Animals can tell when you are uneasy, and it will make Fifi more inclined to be jittery and more likely to struggle.

Until you feel confident in cutting your pet’s nails, just cut the very tip.   Your practice will make you better and by cutting them weekly, you will be able to keep those nails at a reasonable length.  As you become more comfortable and more skillful, your pet will be more cooperative.  As you get better at nail trimming, you can then safely estimate how much you can cut off without “quicking” your pet and decrease your sessions to twice a month.

Pet Memorial Stones are a nice way to pay tribute to your lost companion animal and bring back a lifetime of memories.

2:31 24 September 2010

Stop the Bleeding Nail


Clipping your pet’s nails can be quite a challenging feat, and until you  are experienced at it, accidents may happen.  Even the best groomers occasionally draw blood, so don’t feel bad when you do.  Nails can bleed heavily so it is always wise to have something on hand before you begin, to help stop it.  Some people have used a pinch of flour or even a bar of soap, but the very best thing you can use is a product called “Kwik Stop”  You can usually find it at local pet stores, and it is especially designed to stop the bleeding at the quick.  It comes in a small container but will last a long time.  It does sting when first applied, so beware if your fido jumps, but it stops the bleeding almost immediately.

It is normal for your pet to be a bit offended if you “quick” him.  Don’t rush to baby him, but do offer apologies and then treats.  Since some pets will be reluctant to let you trim another nail near the wounded one, leave that paw and come back to it after you have trimmed the others.

A Pet Memorial Stone is a simple but beautiful way to pay tribute to your lost loved one.  Make sure it is a good quality one before you buy it.  It should be at least 2 inches thick so it doesn’t break easily.   And, the black granite ones like pictured above, should have very little grain and no white.  It will be the best lasering surface for your photo, tribute, and dates.

11:42 16 September 2010

Pet Dental Cleanings

Regular dental cleanings are recommended to help keep plaque from building up on your pet’s teeth and turning into Gingivitis.  Pet teeth cleaning procedures are usually simple, effective and generally don’t take more than a few hours from the time you drop off your pet until you can pick him/her back up again.

Your pet will be given a short-term anesthesia while your Vet does an extensive oral exam and cleaning.  Every safety precaution will be taken before and during the anesthesia to ensure your pet’s well being.  Dental Radiographs (X-Rays) may also be taken to completely evaluate your pet’s oral health.  X-rays can detect abnormalities that cannot be seen under regular oral exams alone.  And in some cases they can detect a tooth that may need to be extracted because it is loose or because of infection.

Next your Vet will scale and polish your pet’s teeth.  He will use instruments that are very similiar to ones your dentist uses when you get your teeth cleaned.  He will remove plaque and calcium build up from your pet’s teeth called calculus.  To smooth out any scratches your pet may have, he may use a special tooth enamel polishing paste.  Then the application of anti-plaque substance such as flouride and a barrier sealant is also advised.  Much like our children today who have their healthy teeth sealed to avoid future dental problems.  It can help to strengthen teeth and well as decrease future plaque build up.

Pet Cremation Jewelry is a beautiful, personal way to pay tribute to your lost loved one and keep him/her close to your heart.

11:06 16 September 2010

Equine Dental Care

Years ago when you took your favorite horse to the Vet for his yearly check and vaccinations, you also had the Vet “float” his teeth.  This was kind of like having him take a farrier’s rasp, stick it in your horses mouth and then rasp the rough edges off his teeth.  It took about 10 minutes and did little good.

Today, however there are now Certified Equine Dentists in almost every town.  These trained Veterarians now use a power tool to carefully shape each tooth, taking off all the sharp edges and corners.  They can even take off teeth that are too long that are preventing your horse from chewing properly.  This is done after your horse has been placed in a metal chute and has been  mildly tranquilized to minimalize fear.  Donned with a helmet with light, your Vet can see into your horses mouth all the way back to where the teeth end – at the throat.  He can skillfully give your furry friend the best dental care and ensure that your horse is able to get the most of his daily nutrition through properly chewing  his food.  If your horse is not maintaining weight and is thinner than usual, you may want to take a trip to an Equine Dentist and get his teeth checked.  It takes about an hour and will be the best money you will ever spend on your horse.

Pet Memorial Stones are a wondeful way to pay tribute to your lost equine friend.  They last for generations and bring back endless fond memories.

4:45 7 September 2010

Is MY Pet Overweight?

Your pet’s breed type and body structure should be taken into consideration when determining whether or not your pet is overweight.  Ideally, the best way to tell is by examining your pet both visually and by touch.   Judging whether or not a dog is overweight is far easier than judging a cat.  Cat’s can be heavily coated or have excess skin which can make them appear to be obese when actually they are not.  So feeling your feline furry friend is a better indicator.  In general, cats should look  and feel sleek without a huge belly or pads of fat on their hips.

Your canine friend on the other hand can be examined both ways.  Look at your dog from the side as he stands.  You should be able to see good definition between the rib cage and the abdomen.  If you cannot tell where the ribs end and the abdomen begins, your dog is most likely overweight. When examining your dog by touch, you can tell a lot by feeling his rib cage.  A weight healthy dog has a thin layer of fat over the ribs.  If you can actually put your fingers between each rib, your dog is too thin.  If you cannot feel his ribs, your dog is too fat.  The more overweight the dog is, the heavier the layer of fat will feel.  Fat can also be present along his back, over the hips and over the abdomen.

Pets kept at a proper weight will live longer and more comfortable lives.  It is up to us as pet owners to make sure we control their calorie intake and increase their exercise. Dog caskets come in a large variety of styles and sizes to accomodate the smallest of toy sizes up to the largest of breeds.   Measure from the top of the head to the top of the tail for length. Then from the top of the shoulder to the bottom of curled legs when your pet is lying down for proper width.

11:41 3 September 2010

Obesity in Pets

Obesity in our companion animals has reached epic proportions in the United States.  It is now the most common nutritional problem faced by our pets. Close to 50% of all dogs are overweight, and more than 20% of cats need to lose weight.   Older companion animals, especially indoor cats top all groups with studies showing obesity in 60% of these felines.  Overweight pets are unhealthy and they face a variety of weight-related diseases.  Their lives are shorter and are more painful. 

But our pets cannot decide when, what and now much they eat.  We as there care givers must control what they eat, when they exercise, and ultimately their weight.  It is up to us to give them a higher quality of  life so they will live longer, happier and less painful lives.  By feeding them properly – at the right time and in the right amounts, and the right kind of food, we can add years to their lives.

When it comes time to say “good-bye”,  a Cat Urn is the perfect way to memorialize your lost loved one.